Does It Sound Good?ANTONYMPH by Vylet Pony (2021)

I’ve seen a lot of people talk about Vylet Pony’s music and say something like “It’s good even though it’s my little pony music”. It’s how initially felt about it too honestly, but now I see that the music wouldn’t be what it is if it wasn’t my little pony (further referred to as mlp) music. The fact that it’s mlp music isn’t some awkward factor that’s detracting from the music like poor songwriting or a bad mix, it’s the core of the music, and it’s why it works. 

The song Antonymph is a song about being unabashedly yourself even when people think it’s cringe, it’s full of references to mlp and the internet culture of the time (“do you like waffles” and =3 are referenced), and it works because Vylet Pony is so authentic. The song is an anthem of embracing your true self, if Vylet Pony wasn’t doing that then it wouldn’t work. 

The non-lyrical elements of the song echo and enhance the lyrics. The production and instrumentation bleed the sounds of 2000s internet which further establishes the world of the song as the same online world that Vylet Pony grew up in (even incorporating the incoming call sound from Skype). 

This song gets me choked up. It presents an unabashed authenticity that I can’t help but find beautiful. Loving what you love in spite of what other people think is triumphant, it’s a win over the people who tried to stop you. This song is an anthem for that triumph, a fight song telling you to beat the haters by being yourself, and a victory song for those who have already won their fights. 

But does it sound good? Yes, it’s incredibly well-made dance-pop, the haters who think “it’s really good, but…” are right in one regard. It is really good. 

Did I like it? Yes, I love this song. 

Do I recommend it? Absolutely, if it’s not to your taste I understand, but find something that is and love that thing with all your heart even if people tell you it’s lame. 

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