About Does It Sound Good

Me in April 2023

Hi, my name is Jake. I love music, and I try to spend my time digging for new (to me) music as much as I can. I love discovering music and when I find a gem I want to share it with someone else. I share a lot of music with my friends and family but it’s hard to recommend a whole album when folks are too busy or don’t feel like taking the time to listen to a record front to back. I’ve toyed with the idea of sharing my recommendations on a public platform before but never known how to go about doing it.

A traditional review with a numerical scoring system didn’t feel right and I didn’t exactly know what criteria to use to come up with a number. So I decided I’d just give myself a simple yes or no question to answer: “Does It Sound Good?”, just whether or not I thought it was aesthetically pleasing, well-made, and pleasant to listen to. I’ve since decided to add two more questions “Did You Like It?” and “Do You Recommend it?”.

There’s a lot of overlap in these answers to these three questions but I wanted to be able to account for when the occasions when they don’t line up. This setup helps me avoid apples to oranges comparisons between completely different albums that have the same numerical score and lets the reader know exactly what I’m recommending.